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Be the Coach you Want Players to Remember for Years! 

Coach is the most critical volunteer position. A coach can make or break a child's desire to continue playing. You can make a friend for life by making it educational and fun for them at the same time! 

*Be a positive, accountable, and motivated teacher of the game.

*The game doesn't teach character - coaches and parents do. Great coaches hold their players accountable to higher standards than victory. Lead by example.

*.See the value of mistakes. Even the great players learn new skills by trying and by making mistakes. Encourage players to put forth their best effort. Promote learning new skills and improving existing ones. Help players bounce back from mistakes. 

*The children are here to LEARN. The score and who wins is not the goal. The goal is player development and enjoyment of the game. 

*Remember the three L's - no Laps, No Lines, and No Lectures. 

*Communicate! Let your parents know what is going on. Use your team managers to have up to date communications with your parents. Utilize parent meetings, email, texts, and phone calls. Please make sure you are reaching all of your parents. If someone does not respond let the director know. 


Note: All coaches have to preform a background check, concussion awareness training, and SafeSport training prior to practicing! 

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